New Jersey Loan Programs

If you choose to work with me to obtain your mortgage, you will benefit from the service and loan options available to you through First Lenders Mortgage.

First Lenders Mortgage is able to fund both residential and commercial mortgage transactions in New Jersey.  It has a full suite of lending programs to offer for purchase and refinance transactions in New Jersey.

In today’s market it can be very difficult to find financing from a local bank or credit union if one doesn’t fit into their pre-defined criteria. That criteria has grown increasingly more difficult to live up to for many borrowers. This is why a full service lending institution like First Lenders Mortgage of New Jersey is the right choice. They partner with the most aggressive banks so that they can offer our clients options that others simply don’t have access to.

Through First Lenders Mortgage of New Jersey, I can offer conforming loan programs, government loan programs, commercial loan programs, and even private/portfolio loan programs that you won’t find anywhere else, such as:

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